Money types

Money units per quantity (unit display types 101 - 106)

For MoneyPerUnit quantities such as MoneyPerArea, we need to send three bytes to indicate the display unit: two for the Money, and one for the other unit. For Money per area, this means we first send a Money constant followed by an Area constant. As an example, if we want to send the price of land as € 2500 per hectare, transmitted as a double, this would be coded as:


A double array of 200 cost elements in dollars (code 840 = 0x348) would be coded as:

|28|0|0|0|200|100|0x03|0x48|...[200x8 bytes]...|

whereas a double array of 200 elements with Euros per liter would be coded as:

|28|0|0|0|200|106|0x03|0xD2|17|...[200x8 bytes]...|

as the Euro has code 978 = 0x3D2, and the liter has code 17 (deciimal).