Class FS1RequestStatusMessage

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    public class FS1RequestStatusMessage
    extends Sim0MQMessage
    RequestStatus, FS.1. This message is sent by the Federate Starter to the Model until a "started" response is received from the Model. Since the message type id clarifies the function of this message and no information exchange is necessary, the payload field can be empty (number of fields = 0).

    Copyright (c) 2016-2020 Delft University of Technology, PO Box 5, 2600 AA, Delft, the Netherlands. All rights reserved.
    BSD-style license. See Sim0MQ License.

    Alexander Verbraeck
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      • FS1RequestStatusMessage

        public FS1RequestStatusMessage​(Object federationId,
                                       Object senderId,
                                       Object receiverId,
                                       Object messageId)
                                throws Sim0MQException,
        federationId - the federation id can be coded using different types. Examples are two 64-bit longs indicating a UUID, or a String with a UUID number, a String with meaningful identification, or a short or an int with a simulation run number.
        senderId - The sender id can be used to send back a message to the sender at some later time.
        receiverId - The receiver id can be used to check whether the message is meant for us, or should be discarded (or an error can be sent if we receive a message not meant for us).
        messageId - The unique message number is meant to confirm with a callback that the message has been received correctly. The number is unique for the sender, so not globally within the federation.
        Sim0MQException - on unknown data type
        NullPointerException - when one of the parameters is null