Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
1.00.00 2019-07-03 Serializing / deserializing moved to djutils-serialization project
0.05.00 2018-08-11 Coding / decoding finished
0.04.00 2018-08-09 Coding / decoding improved
0.03.00 2018-08-07 Multithreading. New version of jeromq; ZContext instead of ZMQ.Context
0.02.00 2017-05-01 DJUNITS and Money type updates
0.01.00 2017-04-22 First version of the Sim0MQ Simulation Message Bus

Release 1.00.00 – 2019-07-03

Type Changes By
Update Changes made to update deprecated methods in jeromq 0.5.1. averbraeck
Update Since (de)serialization is more generic than just sim0mq, the classes to do (de)serialization have been moved to a separate project called djutils-serialization. See for more information. averbraeck

Release 0.05.00 – 2018-08-11

Type Changes By
Fix Finalized coding / decoding for all types in the TypedMessage. averbraeck
Update Update for DJUNITS version 3.00.07 to use instantiation helper classes. averbraeck

Release 0.04.00 – 2018-08-09

Type Changes By
Fix Increased coding / decoding for more types in the TypedMessage. averbraeck

Release 0.03.00 – 2018-08-07

Type Changes By
Fix Message loss in case of multi-threading repaired. averbraeck
Add Several examples added in demo package to test multi-threading. averbraeck
Update Used ZContext wrapper instead of ZMQ.Context. averbraeck
Fix Included most types in the TypedMessage for coding and decoding. averbraeck
Add Allowed for UTF8 or UTF16 encoding of messages. averbraeck
Update Update for DJUNITS version 3.00.05. averbraeck
Update Update for jeromq version 0.4.3. averbraeck

Release 0.02.00 – 2017-05-01

Type Changes By
Update Units and DisplayUnits adapted to the changes in DJUNITS version 3.00.01. averbraeck
Update Two bytes used for the Money type as 255 is too low, and cannot store the standard currency id codes. averbraeck

Release 0.01.00 – 2017-04-22

Type Changes By
Add First version of type structure and message structure. averbraeck
Add First version of the major messages of the Federation Manager, Federate Starter and Model. averbraeck
Add First version of the abstract versions of Federation Manager, as well as model implementations of the Federate Starter and Model. averbraeck