Simulation Message Bus on 0MQ, version 0.02  


Sim0MQ makes use of the ØMQ (or 0MQ or ZMQ) message bus, and contains a layer of simulation-specific components and messages to aid in creating distributed simulation execution. The Sim0MQ message bus is a fast messaging protocol to create loosely coupled simulations.


SIM0MQ was developed at the Delft University of Technology as part of the Open Traffic Simulator project (started in 2014).

In November 2016 it became obvious that the simulation message bus developed for the Open Traffic Simulator were sufficiently mature to be used in other projects.

The main authors/contributors of the SIM0MQ project are Alexander Verbraeck, Peter Knoppers, Wouter Schakel, and Sibel Eker.


The latest version of the manual can be found here: Sim0MQ Manual (PDF document).


Documentation can be found at

More information about 0MQ / ZeroMQ

More information about ZeroMQ can be found on the 0MQ Website.